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Key blank finding - Explanations - Dimensions

1. Cylinder-, car- and cross- key blanks

Please take care that all details, both in the upper part search for key blanks" and in the
lower part extensive search" will be taken into consideration for the search afterwards. 

Search for key blanks

The upper part of our searching mask is sufficient regarding the normal searching. The more you fill in the searching mask the better is the searching result.
You can search by the following:

Article no.: e.g. 201, 743, 1514 etc.
Please enter only the article number.
Then all keys of the respective key blank family" will be shown.
(Additional details like E, K, L, M, 1/2 etc. are not allowed)

Lock make
Please enter only the lock make mentioned on the key bow, like BKS, Abus, CES.
The lock makes which correspond with your details will be shown as Pop-Up-Menue"
Please click on the requested make which will be taken into the search field.

Please enter the profile when mentioned on the key bow, like A, FH, 4A.

Code number
Please enter the code number when mentioned on the key bow, like 3002, 2795.

Purpose of use
Please enter the use.
The uses which correspond with your enter will be shown as Pop-Up-Menue".
Please click on the requested use. Due to this the indication will be taken into the search field. (The search for the use is a text retrieval, i.e. corresponding to the mentioned letters all uses will be shown where such letters will be included)

Extensive search

If the key blank could not be found with the normal "search for key blanks", please use the extensive search".

Take the measures of the keys - best with digital slide gauge - and enter the determined measures into the corresponding fields:

length, shoulder to tip (shaft) - 18,0 mm            
width of shaft -  6,5 mm
thickness of shaft -   2,0 mm

All key blanks will be shown which correspond with the made details, under consideration of tolerances. (Refer to Info tolerances)

You can combine as well the dimensions with the field of the search mask search for keys blanks", e.g. with purpose of use" . Due to this the quantity of the shown keys will be reduced.


Sample key and key blank
must exactly correspond in form of tip and in profile. Furthermore you have pay attention to collar length (refer to drawing, as mentioned below).

The key drawings
are always shown with the soulder to the left and the back side to the right.

Due to technical reasons
the key blanks are not illustratable to scale.
Drawings to scale can be find in our Brkey-catalogue no. 1.
The sample key has to be put on  the drawing and must be compared with all important points lifted from head bow, forward with key tip set on the profile and identified.


2. Cast-iron, furniture and malleable steel key blanks

The direction of sight regarding the pictures of the different illustrated key bits is from the key bow to the bit. The pictures represent the key hole.

Different key bits

The measurement-details, mentioned by us, are standard values, which can vary from
production-lot to production-lot.