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As a pioneer in the production of key blanks and key cutting machines we are in Germany the oldest, established partner of the locksmiths and do have business relationships all over the world.

Quality is our ultimate ambition
The high claim which Brkey demands for their products, demands on the opposite a further development on all operating ranks. Most motivated and qualified members of staff grew up in our company and award the company an independent and powerful position today on the market.Brkey: that means first of all key manufacturing and key cutting machine building. Beside these two traditon standards we supply furthermore locking cylinders and master keying systems with our programme of accessories all around the locksmith".

Brkey stands for security directives which are generally applicable and do not hinder the competition and controls since decades the patents as well in the interest of locksmiths.

Due to the general security and legal reservations we recommend all locksmiths to copy key blanks true to original and to respect valid patents.

150 years BRKEY

With exception of only a few the BRKEY keys will be produced in Gevelsberg. Especially cylinder key blanks are genuine Brkey keys and are subject to most careful quality controls.

BRKEY key cutting machines are in action worldwide and known for precisely manufacturing, sturdy execution and durability.